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Air Filters Moto


Since Sprint Filter began to produce air filters, in 1952, the way to build the filters changed, most  of the competitors have remained stopped to the pits  manufacturing the classic cotton gauze oiled filter, Sprint Filter ,not considering it in the step with the times, studied a NEW REVOLUTIONARY SYSTEM: THE FILTER polyester P08, a filtering membrane made ​​of a woven synthetic yarns.

From the technical point of view, the filter element Sprint Filter P08 is not made, as generally happens, from stranded cotton fibers  or more simply by oiled foam, with a calibrated or variable density, but by a filtering membrane consists from a fabric of polyester threads from ø 5 microns, that you can simply  clean  with compressed air!

ROAD - STOCK BIKE : P08 Sprint Filter air filters are designed to be used on original motorcycles.
Replace the original paper filter without modifying the ECU mapping . The airflow, while being greater than the original, does not affect the correct working of the motorcycle.
The first advantage for a stock bike is SAVING MONEY:

  • Replace Air Filter once in the motorcycle life.
  • Fuel Saving at same engine performances.

The second advantage for a stock bike are the PERFORMACES : There are cases in which replacing the original air filter with a P08 also brings advantages in terms of performances. To support this theory Sprint Filter turned to the Test Centre of the oldest Italian motorcycle magazine : Motociclismo. In this certificated center a true stock Honda CBR 1000 RR air filter was replaced. The result was remarkable: 2.5 hp  gain

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