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Bitubo Race Suspension. Racing and road suspensions for motorcycles and scooters. Rear shock absorber, fork cartridge springs, ...

Bitubo proposes itself on the motorcycle market with a vast catalog and price list. Today the range includes over 1400 suspension applications for motorcycles and scooters. A wide choice of Supersport Replica, Maxi Turistica, Scooter racing or road. Bitubo today offers itself as the ideal solution for those looking for the best from their motorcycle: performance, comfort, driving precision, and above all, the quality of an excellent product, continuously developed in constant collaboration with advanced research centers and the main university faculties. , tested and developed with fatigue and destructive tests, both in software and dynamic simulations. History: Bitubo has established itself since 1975 with the famous pair of shock absorbers connected by two rubber compensating tubes - hence the name “Bitubo”. Adopted immediately by the greatest motorcycle champions. Among the high-tech accessories, the Steering Dampers, with coaxial Nitrogen compensation chamber (Patent since 1992). In 1993 the first fork in the world with an external compensation tank with a "big piston" system. In 1998 Bitubo presented the revolutionary Mono 4 Adjustments. Covered by international patents, it immediately stands as a reference, still relevant today, for world suspension technology. In 2000 he presented HDX00 Racing Fork, a complete fork designed and built by Bitubo to revolutionize the existing technological level. Fully adjustable and pressurized (nitrogen), with a patented big piston system and non-cylindrical profi le sheaths, it is adopted in the SBK world championship. In 2009 Bitubo patented an innovative hydraulic system, which we have called FPS, of importance. FPS immediately set track records, podiums and victories both in races and in the championship. FPS is now applied to ECH29 cartridges and RDH fork. First cartridge on the market with hydraulic preload. Today Bitubo is successfully engaged in WSBK, BSB, CIV, CEV, IDM and many other national championships around the world

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