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Shock and Fork Oil

SHOCK is lubricant with particularly elevated viscosity index specially formulated for new generation forks and shock absorbers.

This product was developed in close collaboration with racing teams and provides regular and constant functioning in all operating conditions.

SHOCK formulation based on high performance base oils and specially selected additives features the best anti wear protection and corrosion protection ensuring perfect lubrication of the whole system.

SHOCK are fully compatible with elastomers.

SHOCK oils can be mixed together.


FORK is high viscosity fluid specially formulated for racing motorcycles forks.

It assures fluidity on low temperatures and constant working in wide temperature range. FORK avoids foam forming and air bubbles accumulation.

Selected additives package guarantees excellent wear and corrosion protection of the sliding parts.

FORK is compatible with the most common elastomers. FORK 2,5W - 5W - 7,5W oils can be mixed together, the X 4W, 10W and 15W oils not.

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