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Interphone’s goal since 2005 has been to connect motorcycle riders together and to give them a range of features to make their riding lives easier. Getting clear directions from your GPS; taking and making hands-free phone calls or listening to your own music; all is possible with Interphone’s intercom systems. Or if you want to be able to freely chat with your riding buddy or even your pillion you can. Interphone system uses wireless Bluetooth so there will be no struggle with wires and their low-profile design will mean it will feel like it’s not even there.

How to install your Interphone system

The Interphone system includes some great visual instructions to install it but if you need a little more help. First, if possible, remove the cheek cushions and find the area closest to your ear. Place the Velcro straps in the area you want the system to sit. Now place the speakers. Now choose the microphone that is for your particular helmet, included with the system is a microphone for full-face helmets and a microphone for flip-up or jet motorcycle helmets.

How to pair your Interphone system

There are multiple ways you can pair the system. The user manual included will give some great instructions but if you need a little more help please see the method relevant to you:

For pairing multiple intercoms

To pair 2 intercom units start with the intercoms off, press and hold the On/Off button until the LED flashes red & blue. Then briefly press the On/Off button on one of the units. If pairing 3 units, first pair two together as in the previous step, then pair the second unit to the third unit. Press the On/Off button briefly on Unit 2 to begin a conference conversation with all three units. Finally, for pairing the maximum four units together, pair unit 1 to 2, then unit 2 to 3 and unit 3 to 4. Press the On/Off button briefly on unit 2; and then briefly press the On/Off button on unit 4 to begin a conference conversation between all four units.

For pairing intercom to your mobile phone, GPS system or MP3 Player

First turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone/GPS or MP3 player. With the Interphone system on standby, press the ‘Telephone’ button and the ‘On/Off’ button together for three seconds to activate pairing mode, red & blue LED should begin flashing. On your phone/GPS/MP3 begin searching for a new Bluetooth device, and after a few seconds you should see your Interphone device appear. If prompted for a pin or code enter ‘0000’ (four zeroes). The voice guide will confirm a successful pairing and then go into standby mode.

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