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428H Serie Argento Reinforced
428H Serie Argento Reinforced


428H Serie Argento Reinforced

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The P39 Chain Serie Argento H, is engineered specifically for road motorbikes with small engines and limited power or off road bikes of any engine capacity. The Steel pin, bushing, roller and the increased thickness of the plates make this chain an economical yet a quality product.

Ideal for daily commuting and long distance with reduced elongation.

This series is available in Silver color with a clip type (PR) connecting link and does not require specific tools for installation.


Plate Color
Pitch 12.7
Width 7.94
ROLLER Dia. 8.51
PIN Dia. 4.45
PIN Length 18.70
PLATE Inner 2.0
PLATE Outer 2.0
Tensile Strength 10.60 kN
Links 132